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Researchers and Surnames

Name Surnames being Researched Location eMail
Sharon Goodman Warren, Rhea, Anthony Grundy and Coffee Counties TN
Janelle Layne Taylor Payne, Conn, Meeks, Smith Grundy and Franklin Counties TN
Janelle Layne Taylor Layne Grundy and Marion Counties TN; VA
Mona G. Moreland Goforth Grundy County
Margaret Oliver Irvin, Payne Grundy County
Reta DeShields Parton DeShields, Dashiell, Dayshiell Grundy County
Tony Campbell Campbell Grundy and Warren Counties/TD>
Lucille Scissom Campbell, Graham, Sissom, Scissom, Hobbs, McElhaneys Grundy County
Johnnie Powell Killian Powell Grundy County
Jackie Partin King/Perry, Layne/Cox, Adams/Sanders Grundy County
Willene Nunley Campbell Nunley, Coffelt, Timmons, Campbell Grundy County
Sandra Myers Bellflower Myers & Coulson Grundy, Warren and Coffee Counties
Michael Fromholt Cope, Tucker, Bouldin/Bolin Grundy County
Roy Chadwick Bost, Coffelt, Choate, Keele, Moreland, Langford/Lankford, Vaughn, Seitz/Sitz Grundy and surrounding counties
Ginger Nunley Nunley Grundy County
John Goodman Goodman, Guinn, Tucker, Hinton, LeVan, Campbell, Summers, Sartain Grundy, Coffee and Franklin Counties
Bettye Wooten Sherwood Wooton, Winton, Braley, Brown Coffee, Grundy and Warren Counties
James R. Davis Burrows, King, Box and Jones (1800-1855) Franklin, Coffee and Grundy Counties
Jama Best Northcutt Grundy and other counties
Alma E. Dailey-Harings Sanders, Cope, Layne, Fleming, Dixon, Dickson, Taylor, Salyer, Kilgore, Bolin Grundy, Coffee, Marion, Franklin, Warren Counties
Tony Anderson Anderson, Dove, Roberts, Pyburn, Coffelt, Robertson/Robinson Grundy and Marion County ANR@ORNL.GOV
Linda L. Dickey White, Bell, Nevill, Coulson Grundy, Coffee and Franklin Counties
Betty D. Stokes Burrows, Muckleroy, Floyd Franklin, Coffee, Grundy Counties
Amy Hawkins Brown, Creighton, Ross, Sitz Grundy County
Earnest Carrick Thompson, Hall, Henley, Moore, West, Goforth Grundy, Bedford, Cannon, Warren, Marion and Franklin Counties
Roger Arrick Arrick, Arick, Ark, Arke, Orrick, Orick Grundy, Warren, Coffee and Franklin Counties
Keith Hunter Hunter, Rust, Warren, Roberts, McElroy Grundy, Marion, Meigs, Rhea, McMinn, Roann, Franklin and Warren Counties
Shirley Kilgore Knight Cheek, Dutton, Hicks, Kilgore, McGovern, Roberts, and Tate Grundy County
Carol Tate DeGraff Tate, Coulson, Ross Grundy and Marion Counties
Karen Ross Ross, Tabor, Brown, Layne, Watkins Grundy and Marion Counties
Karen Ross Massengale, Kincannon, Sitton, Dougherty Grundy and Marion Counties
Karen Ross Lockhart, Bailey, Bennett, McFadden, Hunter, Cunningham Grundy, Marion Counties and Warren Counties
Karen Ross Kilgore, Thrailkill, Copeland, Salyer Grundy and Marion Counties
Karen Ross Medley, Harris, Anderson, Taylor Grundy and Marion Counties
Billie Hamrick Coffelt and Anderson Grundy County
Willene Campbell Coffelt & Nunley Grundy County
Steve Caldwell Caldwell, Smith, Nunley, Meeks, Sissom, Hargis Grundy County
Judy Thornton Week descendants of Jesse Parsons & Amanda Mary Sanders Grundy County and Warren County
Susan Wilson-Jones Sampley, Wilson, Gossett and Gregory Grundy County and Marion Counties
David Lord Berry, Burks, Miles, Parris, Thomas Grundy, Warren and surrounding areas
Sibyl McClanahan Baker Cope, Bolin, Hardin, Payne Grundy County
Virginia Jordan Nunley, Partin, Bynum, Dove, Ridge, Dent Grundy, Marion, Franklin, Cannon and Coffee Counties
All surnames listed have Grundy County connections.  The Location column shows additional areas also being researched for this surname.  To add your families to the list, please contact the webmaster with your information. 

Please add "Researchers & Surnames" to the subject line!